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Portfolio / Master Planning

Master Planning

Our team specializes in an integrated approach to master planning, urban design, and long-range implementation. We have been instrumental in several nationally recognized redevelopment efforts and are known for our comprehensive approach that integrates design, policy recommendations, financial and market analysis, and innovative development regulations. The work of our team demonstrates, as various scales, the critical relationship between land use and transportation, parking, walkability, the vitality of an active street life, and a commitment to a strong, healthy community. We have completed a number of projects that include downtown revitalization plans, commercial corridor plans, special district plans, transit-oriented development nodes, redevelopment master plans, and a full-range of design regulations, from form-based zoning to private design covenants. These complex and multi-facted planning projects are necessarily the product of a collaborative and partipatory process that engages the design team with the client, stakeholder groups, and the public to arrive at an overall consensus.