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Strategic Alliances

House+Partners has created strategic alliances with both local and national firms to provide the most comprehensive delivery and superior customer service to our clients. Our alignment with these firms is based on their attitudes, work ethic and high standard for client service.

Fanning Howey / House+Partners, LLC

Individually, Fanning Howey is one of the premier K-12 planning and design firms in the country, and House+Partners has had the pleasure to serve Houston-area school districts for more than 40 years. The partnership was a natural fit. Fanning Howey / House+Partners, LLC was developed by two firms that have an extraordinary passion for creating exceptional learning environments that place kids first and impact urban communities in a powerful way. In a complex, changing world, our need for community is more important than ever. As architects, engineers, and planners, Fanning Howey / House+Partners helps to strengthen connections within communities by creating vibrant places that reflect a sense of shared vision and purpose, including schools, college and university buildings, libraries, and religious facilities. As design partners, we seek to share our knowledge, advance our profession, and offer inspired, practical ideas that support their clients’ most challenging objectives.

Odell•House, LLC

The architectural firm of Odell•House has evolved from two strong, full-service architectural enterprises. Under the leadership of Glenn House, AIA, Houston based House+Partners Architecture & Planning has a 45-year history of local services. Odell is a nationally recognized, award-winning architecture firm with a well-respected heritage spanning 75 years. The two well established and successful firms joined together in 2011 to create Odell•House, LLC, a diversified and capable architectural practice dedicated to the highest standards of quality and customer services. Odell•House specializes in healthcare, medical research and higher education projects.

Munoz Albin Architecture & Planning

The Munoz Albin architectural practice rests on a foundation of experience, creativity and proven success.  The founding principals of Munoz Albin, collaborate closely with clients and consultants to translate their vision and needs into buildings and spaces of memorable character and spirit.   With more than four combined decades of experience in commercial, residential and educational projects, they take pride in creating imaginative solutions, always seeking a high sense of aesthetics, and responding to site influences in a responsible and sustainable way. They invest significant time on the creative process for customized design, resulting in a one-of-a-kind architectural solution for each building's unique program, market and urban context.  With projects built in seven countries, their multicultural knowledge allows them to see and resolve space challenges, urban design issues and planning problems from a broader perspective.  During the initial years of practice, MA worked overseas, principally in Europe, though mostly for American clients.  In the last few years, with a renewed focus on the American market, MA has concentrated its efforts stateside. They invite you to explore their past, and to work with them in the future to create distinctive buildings of lasting grace.